The driving range is where you can fix flaws in your swing, familiarize yourself with a new club, and improve your overall swing consistency.

You can approach the driving range in two ways – focused sessions or all-around sessions. A focused session is dedicated to repeating one-shot or using one club for 100 swings, and this approach allows you to leave the range feeling more confident in both the shot and the club. An all-around session, on the other hand, focuses on every club in your bag for roughly 15 to 20 shots each. For an all-around session, follow these 6 tips to practice like a pro.

1. Stretch: It’s important to get loose before swinging your club to avoid any swing-related injuries. Stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, and arms, and then perform a few practice swings with a high-lofted club to continue warming up your muscles.

2. Never rush through your shots: Before you hit your first ball on the driving range, remember to treat each swing like you were out on the course. After all, 35-40 focused shots are better than 100 rushed shots. Rushing through a session on the driving range is a great way to develop bad habits on the course.

3. Move through irons from high to low: Start your session with a 9-iron and move down. This natural progression eases you from light swings too fast, strong swings with low irons and woods, and drivers.

4. Aim for specific targets and yard markers: This is a great way to mimic an actual round and will help you stay focused while on the driving range.

5. Play games with yourself: After you’ve swung each club in your bag, try playing simulated holes by swinging your driver. Then, to replicate an actual hole hit an approach shot from 130-150 yards before finally hitting a short wedge for 30-50 yards.

6. Hit the putting green: Always wrap up your practice sessions by hitting the putting green to practice short chips and putting. The majority of shots during a round are close to the green, so it’s important to include them in your training sessions.


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